Video | December 16, 2008

Video Demo: 7mm Connector Care

Source: Maury Microwave Corporation
To achieve a co-planar mating at the outer conductor mating plane, precision connectors of all types are manufactured to very tight tolerances. Diligent maintenance of your connectors, and the exercise of proper precautions when making connections, increases the useful life of your components and instruments and enhances measurement accuracy. Improper connection technique and lack of maintenance shortens the life of your components by causing out-of-tolerance conditions that can result in destructive interference or excessive center contact gaping. In addition to degrading measurement accuracy, out-of-tolerance connectors can be costly to replace, and - when they are part of expensive test equipment - downtime for repairs can have a heavy impact on operations.

This 6-minute, 42-second training video is a step-by-step demonstration of the proper way to care for precision 7mm connectors, but can be applied to other types of precision connectors as well. Of special importance is the demonstration of how Maury connector gages are used to determine critical contact pin locations prior to mating. The video ends with a demonstration of the proper technique for making a connection with 7mm connectors.