News | November 14, 2011

dB Control Debuts Wideband 2-18 GHz TWTA, Compact 7.5-18 GHz TWTA, 15-18 GHz MPM At AOC


New Products for Radar, EW, ECM, Datalink Applications Premiere in Booth 911

Fremont, CA (PRWEB)

dB Control Corp., an established manufacturer known for its reliable, high-power microwave amplifiers, radar/electronic countermeasure (ECM) transmitters and power supplies, is introducing three new wide-bandwidth, high-power products in Booth 911 at the 48th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention in Washington DC.

"The products we debut today push the envelope in terms of bandwidth, power and size to enable frequency agility and improved RF performance. Defense budgets may be unpredictable, but there will always be a need for reliable products like these," said dB Control Marketing Manager Steven Olson.

New products include:

  • dB-4409 Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier (TWTA) operating in the 2-18 GHz frequency range and providing 300 Watts continuous wave (CW) power. This product features low- and high-band TWTs in a single 9-inch pod-mounted package with fast switching between bands. Designed for military airborne applications, it is ideal for electronic countermeasures, electronic warfare (EW) threat simulation and multi-band communication systems.
  • dB-4410 TWTA operating in the 7.5-18 GHz frequency range and providing 300 Watts CW. Featuring large instantaneous bandwidth and TWT gain linearization for X/Ku-band datalinks, this product is MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-704 compliant. The dB-4410's RF performance make it well suited for airborne data links, ECM transmitters, EW threat simulators and both manned and unmanned platforms.
  • dB-3814 Microwave Power Module (MPM) operating in the 15-18 GHz frequency range and providing 1kW peak power at 7% maximum duty cycle. Featuring excellent amplitude, very low phase noise and reflected power (VSWR) protection, the dB-3814 is equipped for several applications, including airborne synthetic aperture and multi-mode radars.

About dB Control
Established in 1990, dB Control Corp., a subsidiary of the Electronic Technologies Group (ETG) of HEICO Corp., supplies mission-critical, often sole-source, products worldwide to military organizations, as well as to major defense contractors and commercial manufacturers. dB Control designs and manufactures reliable high-power TWT amplifiers (TWTAs), microwave power modules (MPMs), transmitters, power supplies and modulators for radar, electronic countermeasure (ECM), communication and instrumentation applications. In addition to these core products, dB Control also has an outstanding record of successfully repairing, refurbishing and replacing tightly packaged high-voltage transformers, assemblies and power supplies and offers specialized contract manufacturing services, including transformer winding and testing, full-vacuum encapsulation, pressure cure and conformal coating laboratory services.

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