dB-3906 TWT Amplifier

Source: dB Control

dB-3906 TWT Amplifier

The dB-3906 TWT Amplifier (TWTA) is designed to use two wideband, periodic permanent magnet (PPM)-focused TWTs to amplify CW, AM, FM or pulse-modulated signals. The dB-3906 offers higher saturated output power and improved harmonic performance when compared to a single TWT approach.

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The dB-3906 has only one RF input and one RF output, making the device extremely easy to operate. It utilizes the proprietary transformer fabrication, encapsulation a high-voltage potting techniques it has developed specifically for demanding military applications. Other applications for dB-3906 TWT Amplifier include RFI/EMI/EMC testing, antenna pattern and radar cross-section measurements, and electronic warfare (EW) simulations.

dB-3906 TWT Amplifier Features Include:

  • 12kW peak typical, 3% duty, 5.4 to 5.8 GHz
  • Low harmonics and spurious
  • Extensive BIT and status monitoring
  • Local or remote operation
  • Fault isolation

For more features, specifications and applications for the dB-3906 TWT Amplifier, download the datasheet.

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