Customized Antenna Solutions

Customized Antenna Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER offers an array of antenna solutions customized to meet specific application needs. Various modifications can be made including an individual bracket for faster installation, tailored lengths for saving space, and standard labels for simplifying logistics.

Some antenna products are available to be customized within the ordering process. More complex customizations require collaboration with the engineering team in order to create the optimal product for individual applications.

Customization options include:

  • Individual housings’ color, shape, and material
  • Add or remove radiators to support different wireless bands
  • Create brackets and change mounting holes
  • Change cable length, connector types, and interfaces
  • Create customized labels, packaging and documentation
  • Combine existing products by bundling and packaging

For more information on how HUBER+SUHNER can customize the right antenna for you, download their brochure and check out the video below.