Custom Ultra-Broadband Beamforming Networks

Source: Krytar

Custom Ultra-Broadband Beamforming Networks

KRYTAR announces their ability to provide custom designs of ultra-broadband beamforming networks, which are multifaceted assemblies for a wide range of applications including multiple antenna and antenna arrays used in military electronic systems and commercial communications systems. Proprietary computer-aided-engineering (CAE) tools are utilized to provide unique electrical and mechanical solutions for system’s engineers in need of custom ultra-broadband beamforming networks.

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KRYTAR’s Ultra-Broadband components have an extended frequency range coverage of DC to 67 GHz. Form-fit function designs along with superior performance and functionality provide unique solutions to various engineering challenges. Many types of connectors can be designed into the integrated assembly including: SMA, Type-N, APC-7, and 3.5mm. KRYTAR has a long history of designing broadband microwave components including directional couplers, detectors, quadrature hybrids, power dividers/combiners, terminations and coaxial adapters, and now Custom Ultra-Broadband Beamforming Networks.

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