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11.07.23 -- CubeSats: Sending Paperweight-Sized Satellites To Space



With a rich history dating back to 1981, SATELLITE is renowned as the premier destination for those seeking to stay at the forefront of the satellite industry. Over four days, we curate an unrivaled program of executive-level discussions, financial insights, and visionary keynotes. On the largest show floor dedicated to satellite technology, you’ll meet with the full supply chain of providers.


CubeSats: Sending Paperweight-Sized Satellites To Space

CubeSats – small, low-cost satellites – can be used for many purposes, from monitoring environmental changes to detecting and assessing disasters and more. For around $7,500 you can own one of these picosatellites and, for another $40,000 or so, hitch a ride on a rocket and conduct experiments in space!


How GaN Semiconductors Affect Capacitor Selection

Explore the advantages of GaN semiconductors, including lower heat generation and a smaller footprint, and the crucial role ceramic capacitors play in optimizing these systems.

Certium VCS Test System For Aircraft Manufacturers

New aircraft need to have their radiocommunication systems tested with compact voice systems like CERTIUM VCS. This is cost-effective, space-saving, and scalable thanks to its IP-based infrastructure.

How Can An AWGN Generator Enhance Laser Weapon Design?

Engineers can mitigate stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) challenges in laser systems by incorporating additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) generation into laser weapon design.

Primer On Millimeter-Wave Technology For Defense Applications

There will always be emerging threats in the defense sector that require the innovation that millimeter-wave technology offers. Here’s a helpful Q&A primer on millimeter-wave products – including what specialized contract manufacturing and environmental testing can bring to the table.


Handover Test Systems Reach 8 GHz For W-iFi 6E & 5G

Manufacturers developing and testing the latest wireless systems/devices require specifically designed test systems that can emulate complex environments with a greater mix of device types.

True Time Delay: What It Is And How It Works

Discover how phased array antennas adapt with wider bandwidths, true time delay, and AESA advancements, optimizing beam steering and improving signal quality.

Power Indication & Relative Accuracy In Amplifiers

Explore amplifier power indication (metering) and typical variations associated with frequency sensitivity and bandwidth. Amplifiers with display/controller provide many monitoring and control functions. 

Biconical Antenna Selection

Most regulatory standards used a half-wave dipole antenna for frequencies above 20 MHz, but broadband antennas such as biconical antennas are now accepted to reduce test time.


Ericsson Initiates ‘India 6G’ Program In India

San Diego Test Equipment Symposium Features ETS-Lindgren RF Shielding Expert

Infineon Technologies Extending AIROC Portfolio

Pasternack Introduces Cutting-Edge IoT Multiband Antennas

Fibocom Debuts The Wi-Fi 7 Module WN170-GL At Broadband World Forum 2023

Richardson RFPD Announces RF Front-end For Telecom Radio Systems From UMS

Powercast, Nichicon Integrate RF Charging With Small Li-Ion Battery

Create GHz-Speed Digitizer Systems With Up To 16 Channels

Hytera Launches On-Demand LTE Mesh Device For Critical Missions

MaxLinear Delivers Sub-5-Watt For Wi-Fi 7 XGS-PON Home Routers


Integrated Microwave Assemblies Brochure

Discover microwave solutions optimized for military and commercial markets, including attenuators, integrated front ends, receivers, solid-state coaxial limiters, solid-state switches, and converters.


Surface Mount Broadband Balun: BAL-0032SSG

The BAL-0032SSG is a surface-mount broadband balun, hand-tuned for optimal phase and amplitude balance over an industry-leading 10 MHz to 32 GHz bandwidth. 

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SATCOM/MIL-Qualified Components

Explore a wide range of ultra-broadband microwave components and test equipment for commercial and military applications covering the 0-67 GHz frequency range.

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