News | January 10, 2022

Consultix HH RF CW Transmitter, Now Address Low-High Power VFH, DAS, PS, AWS, CBRS, C-Band, Sub 6 GHz Venue Testing

Consultix WTX-610 ILLUMINATOR is the golden standard for CW Transmitters. Wideband Frequency up to 6 GHz with up to 10 Watts Output.

Optimizing CAPEX and achieving reliable coverage in mega venues or private networks require equipping your planning teams with a versatile CW gear either for indoor/outdoor model calibration, multi-band DAS commissioning, verifying zone & sector boundaries or proper site characterization and post-build coverage mapping

With the new amplifier options, Consultix ILLUMINATOR is getting the most versatile test transmitter for wireless testing from VHF all the way up to CBRS band.

Why ILLUMINATOR? Frequency Range: 200 to 6000 MHz, Amplifier options up to 10 Watts, FCC & CE compliance, LTE scanner and test phone support options, Best-in-class RF performance with 1 ppm frequency accuracy, 1 KHz frequency resolution, 1 dB Accuracy, Touch-screen with intuitive user interface, Elegant & rugged mechanical design, Softkey functional upgrades, A-la-carte frequency range, Built-in battery or external option, Standard shoulder strap with shock absorbers, Standard DC input for use with external power banks for extended operation, Lightweight (3.5 lbs.) including built-in amplifier.

Need to equip your teams, sharpen your competitive edges and get ready for the CBRS & C-Band momentum, If high power simulations are needed ask us about our Mini-Safari Option 1CB or Grand Safari for ODAS up to 80 Watts. Request our CBRS & C-Band Application Note.

Source: DAStronix USA