Connectorized Ceramic Diplexers and Multiplexers

Connectorized Ceramic Diplexers and Multiplexers

Ceramic diplexers and multiplexers offer performance benefits that fall between Cavity and Lumped element diplexer capabilities and characteristics. Most often, they’re used because of a system’s size constraints. Ceramic diplexers are offered as non-hermetic surface mount designs or in hermetic housings with connectors.

Corry Micronics’ line of connectorized ceramic diplexers and multiplexers have a center frequency range of 225MHz to 6000MHz, a 1-200 Watt power input range, 5dB to 2dB (typical) insertion loss (though this varies by design), and can be outfitted with SMA, N, TNC, or F type connectors. Most types of ceramic diplexers are ideal for systems with duplexing and/or multiplexing needs.

For more information on Corry Micronics’ line of ceramic diplexers/multiplexers and their parameters/typical specifications, download the datasheet.

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