Connectorized Bias Tees

Source: Krytar
Krytar - Bias Tee

KRYTAR Bias Tees are the ideal choice for powering remote control of pre-amplifiers or low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) in antennas, controlling remote DC signals and testing of many RF applications. 

The unique rugged stripline design provides high current handling with high power at frequency and excellent isolation. KRYTAR connectorized Bias Tees are used in a variety of applications, but are generally used in the transmission line to send the DC and radio signals over the same coaxial cable that is being used to transmit RF signals.

The critical key parameters for the selection of a bias tee are current and voltage requirements, size, cost and a reputable manufacturer in the RF/Microwave community. KRYTAR offers complete engineering services for custom designs that meet or exceed critical performance and/or packaging specifications.