Configurable Power Divider: 50PDA-150-XX

Configurable Power Divider: 50PDA-150-XX

JFW’s introduces the 50PDA-150-XX Configurable Power Divider as a new approach to laboratory power divider assemblies. This power divider is able to hold up to 14 different power modules of varying configurations, frequency ranges, and connector types. Features include a frequency range of 698-3000 MHz, a 5 Watt RF input power, and SMA female connectors.

The 50PDA-150-XX design can be modified to fit any number of combiner configurations. The divider uses the 50PDM-001-X modules that may include four 2-Ways, three 3-Ways, two 4-ways, or one 8-Way. Customized designs are available upon request at the time of purchase.

Available Modules Include:

  • Module A: One 8-way 698-3000MHz (50PDM-001-A SMA) (1 slot)
  • Module B: Two 4-way 698-3000MHz (50PDM-001-B SMA) (1 slot)
  • Module C: One 4-way 698-3000MHz (50PDM-001-C SMA) (1 slot)
  • Module D: Three 2-way 698-3000MHz (50PDM-001-D SMA) (1 slot)
  • Module E: Two 2-way 698-3000MHz (50PDM-001-E SMA) (1 slot)
  • Module F: One 2-way 698-3000MHz (50PDM-001-F SMA) (1 slot)
  • Module G: Four 8-way 698-3000MHz (50PDM-001-G SMA) (3 slot)

For ordering information, instructions, more product features, download the specification sheet and the drawing.

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