Compact, Low-Profile Smart RF Amplifiers

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.

Empower RF offers a low-power series of smart RF and microwave amplifier systems equipped with feature rich software control. They are suitable for a variety of configurations including those in multi-octave bandwidth high-power CW, modulated, and pulse applications.

The amplifiers feature an optional 2 kW, 1 kW, or 500 W power. Utilizing patented architecture, these devices are housed in compact 8U chassis, 5U chassis, or 3U chassis models. The amplifier systems are well suited for land, mobile, and airborne applications including deployable communications networks, satcom, telemetry, and electronic attacks.

Additional Key Features Include:

  • Selectable user output power control
  • Selectable measurement modes
  • Protection for input overdrive, thermal overload, AC power, and out-of-band drive
  • Built in input and output peak detectors

For more features and specifications, download the brochure.