Compact, Lightweight Directional Coupler: 120406

Source: Krytar
Compact, Lightweight Directional Coupler with 6dB Coupling

This directional coupler is the latest addition to KRYTAR’s line of narrow-band models and covers the 4 to 12.4 GHz frequency range. Its 1.40in x .40in x .66in size makes it especially ideal for space-restricted applications in electronic warfare, SATCOM, signal monitoring and measurement, EMC testing, commercial wireless, antenna beam forming, and radar systems.

The model 120406 directional coupler provides nominal coupling with respect to output of 6dB, +0.5dB and frequency sensitivity of +.30dB. It was specifically designed for applications that require external leveling, precise monitoring, signal mixing, swept transmission, and reflections measurements are required. Its aforementioned compact size coincides with its 1.0 oz. weight, and the coupler has an operating temperature of -54o to 85oC.

For a complete list of KRYTAR’s line of narrow-band directional couplers and their specifications, download the datasheet.