Compact Integrated Microwave Test System: Model 7700

Source: Aeroflex

Compact Integrated Microwave Test System: Model 7700

The 7700 is a bench-sized integrated microwave test system designed to reduce production costs by eliminating the need for multiple test instruments, ATE development cost, and ongoing maintenance. This one system provides the functionality and measurement capabilities of a vector signal generator, spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer, oscilloscope, power meter, frequency counter, noise figure meter, and a phase noise analyzer.

Another feature that the 7700 Microwave Test System provides is its ability to easily test new devices. Because of the system’s intuitive design, new test systems don’t need to be built for each new DUT. An L-band component and S-band module can be tested with the same system on the same day.

Key specifications for the Model 7700 Compact Integrated Microwave Test System are as follows:

  • RF modulation bandwidth: 90 MHz
  • Frequency switching times: <1 ms
  • Phase noise (2 GHz, 20 kHz offset): -115 dBm
  • Residual noise floor: <-120 dBm
  • Dynamic range: >100 dB