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Collision Communications Adds Massive Gains To Massive MIMO

Collision adds M-MIMO to its portfolio of software-only signal processing solutions for LTE and 5G.

Nashua, NH /PRNewswire/ - Collision Communications, a leader in developing advanced signal processing approaches to improve network performance, has added Massive MIMO ("M-MIMO") to the portfolio of signal processing solutions it provides. Its M-MIMO solution offers dramatic gains in performance, for both the uplink and the downlink, pushing performances up to 98.8% of what is theoretically possible under real world scenarios. This solution is implemented as a software-only installation that integrates into any vendor's base station equipment.

Collision has pioneered a body of technology based on the application of advanced signal processing for the Physical-Layer in modern communication systems. Interference can cripple a cellular network's performance. At the same time, purposely causing signals to interfere and combine in particular ways can boost performance. Collision's novel algorithmic approaches to solving network problems are based on applying sophisticated math that understands, pulls apart, suppresses, combines, or otherwise leverages interfering signals at the waveform level. By having these capabilities, significant gains in network performance and spectral efficiencies can be realized – in some cases Collision has shown gains that exceed 10x over what industry is doing. This body of technology can be applied to a large variety of solutions for LTE and 5G, and works within the existing base station hardware offered by vendors.

Collision now provides a M-MIMO solution that yields extraordinary performance gains to both the Uplink and Downlink. This M-MIMO solution has demonstrated the ability to realize performances that approach what is theoretically the maximum possible under real network conditions – 98.8% on the Uplink and 84.8% on the Downlink. Industry techniques are only 66.6% and 54.2%, respectively. Such performance gains are partially a result of Collision's ability to realize near-perfect estimations of each signal's channel and then apply that knowledge to its equalization and beamforming techniques. Collision has achieved on average a 17x reduction in errors associated with channel estimates alone.

This scalable solution supports a wide variety of antennas systems and network configurations, and has the flexibility to provide the processing for different types and sizes of antenna arrays. "The beauty of our Massive MIMO solution, just like our other solutions, is that it provides huge performance gains with only a software install into a vendor's existing base station equipment," said Jared Fry, COO of Collision. "This creates a very cost-efficient method to dramatically improve a vendor's offerings and the operators' networks."

Collision works with equipment vendors to enhance their products, and with network operators to improve their network performance. Contact Collision to learn more:

About Collision Communications, Inc.:
Based in Nashua, N.H., Collision Communications ( organized in 2011 to apply advanced signal processing approaches to the ever-increasing interference problems affecting cellular networks. It provides easily deployed software solutions to the telecommunications industry on the premise that there is significant potential that can be unlocked in the performance of networks. Collision's approaches apply to Macro Cells, Small Cells, C-RAN, Distributed MIMO, Massive MIMO, and Massive C-RAN.

SOURCE: Collision Communications

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