Class A Broadband Amplifier: CBA 100M-400

Class A Broadband Amplifier: CBA 100M-400 Image

This Class A design of this broadband amplifier results in a system with high reliability and low distortion linear performance across the frequency range. It also ensures that the CBA-100M-400 Broadband Amplifier will continuously operate at full power, even when presented with an open or short circuit as its output.

This broadband amplifier is designed for automotive, military/aerospace, and BCI EMC testing applications. It operates in the 10 kHz to 400 MHz frequency range, is mismatch tolerant and unconditionally stable, has a rugged design for EMC testing, and comes with a three year parts and labor warranty.

The unit is powered from a switched mode power supply for high efficiency, high power factor and wide voltage range operation. The unit is air-cooled with integral fans, and is protected against faulty cooling by excess temperature sensing. A safety interlock connector is provided, which the user can short circuit to ground, to put the amplifier into standby mode. Front panel indicators are provided to indicate over-temperature and rf interlock operation.