Channelized Signal Booster

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Channelized Signal Booster

Bird Technologies, TX RX Systems brand has expanded their Signal Booster Family to include the Bird Channelized Signal Booster (SBIII), ranging from 450-512 MHz! It provides Public Safety grade reliability and coverage in challenging disadvantaged RF conditions.

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Datasheet: Channelized Signal Booster

The Bird Channelized Signal Booster can be used as a head end booster for a system that is donored “off the air” in an RF congested area and can connect to any number of broadband boosters (SBI or SBII).

The Channelized Signal Booster is programmable to only amplify a single channel and avoid potential interference from amplifying unwanted signals. The web based user interface (UI) with test signal generation, current monitoring, input and output power, and temperature monitoring capabilities can be used to quickly diagnose a problem in the system. The software programmability of the output power, center frequency, filter width, group delay, and channel rejection allows the user maximum flexibility to adapt to changes in their system. Our modular approach allows you to quickly add individual modules to meet the needs of your expanding in-building coverage system.

Key Features

  • Available in 1 – 30 channels
  • Tone Squelch capability available
  • Amplifies narrow band channels
  • Modular Design
  • Unique Filter Design Tool
  • Built in test signal capability
  • Can be connected to broadband boosters (SBI or SBII)


The Bird Channelized Signal Booster minimizes noise and interference potential in urban RF congested areas. Intuitive user interface allows booster to be easily configured for changing RF environments. Channel bandwidth is user selectable (12.5, 25 and 50 KHz standard or custom). Tone squelch capability is also available and individually configured per channel. The Bird Channelized Signal Booster amplifies only the desired spectrum, preventing interference to other users. The modular design facilitates fast and easy reconfiguration, expansion and redundant capability. User interface also provides maximum flexibility to implement changes to the system such as output power, center frequency, filter shape and group delay.


Click Here To Download:
Datasheet: Channelized Signal Booster

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