Datasheet | August 14, 2017

3-Channel Low Noise Amplifier: CMILNA-847-1747-S Datasheet

Source: Corry Micronics, Inc.

The CMILNA-847-1747-S is a broadband low noise amplifier (LNA) with three independently amplified channels in a common housing. It is ideal for use in a number of applications, such as cellular base stations, software defined and field communication radios, FM and AM receivers, switch matrices, lab use, WiFi, surveillance sub-systems, satellite systems, and other pre-amplification applications. The CMILNA-847-1747-S unit operates within the 700 to 2700 MHz frequency range, and features an operating voltage of 7 to 28 Vdc. Each channel may be independently bypassed via control signals on the interface port. For more specifications, operating parameters, and drawings, download the available datasheet.