20 Channel Digital Delay Generator with 5 Picosecond Jitter: Model 745T-20C

Source: Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

As its model number implies, the 745T-20C is a digital delay generator with 20 channels in one unit. It features a 100 ps time resolution (standard, with an optional 250 fs time resolution), 5 ps jitter (internal trigger), a 25 ps jitter (external trigger), 1 ns output rise times, and more.

This digital delay generator can be used to sync with a selectable external clock frequency in applications involving mode locked lasers. It can also be used for the delay and gating of ICCDs, with control flashlamps and Q-switches, to gate high speed cameras, for triggering ballistics testing, in rangefinding, and in radar and LIDAR testing applications.

A very low signal can be used to trigger the instrument without the use of additional amplification. For instance, you can use it to synchronize a laser cavity without having to also use a signal amplifier. It’s well suited to gate, delay, pulse, and synchronize a variety of experiments in the nanosecond and picosecond domain.

To learn more about the 745T-20C digital delay generator, download the datasheet.

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation