4 Channel Beamformer (8 GHz To 16 GHz): ADAR1000


The ADAR1000 is a 4-channel, X and Ku frequency band, beamforming core chip for phased arrays. This device operates in half-duplex between receive and transmit modes.

The ADAR1000 is available in a compact, 88-terminal, 7 mm × 7 mm, LGA package and is specified from −40°C to +85°C. Applications include phased array radar and satellite communications systems.

Additional Product Features Include:

  • 8 GHz to 16 GHz frequency range
  • Half-duplex for transmit and receive modes
  • Single-pin transmit and receive control
  • 360° phase adjustment range
  • 2.8° phase resolution
  • ≥31 dB gain adjustment range
  • ≤0.5 dB gain resolution
  • Bias and control for external transmit and receive modules
  • Memory for 121 prestored beam positions
  • Four −20 dBm to +10 dBm power detectors
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Integrated 8-bit ADC for power detectors and temperature sensor
  • Programmable bias modes
  • 4-wire SPI interface

For more information about this product, download the available datasheet.