Datasheet | July 8, 2013

CB-Series Crossbar Matrix

Source: Dow-Key Microwave Corp.

Testing RF paths on DUT often involves switching many input-ports to many output-ports in a test setup and this easily becomes cumbersome as complexity between I/O port increases. Dow-Key Microwave’s bi-directional CB-Series offers a convenient way to test multiple I/O ports on a DUT without having to connect and discount it from the setup. The crossbar series routes any input signal to any output port such that the path between I/O ports is unique at any given time. It reduces testing time with its flexible platform and it has a built-in software control that allows effortless switching between input-output paths. On top of that, you can use SCPI commands to build your own sophisticated test program if needed.

The standard configuration starts at 2x2 outfitted inside a 2U enclosure and goes up to a 12x12 configuration in a 3U 19”rack enclosure. We can custom make larger configurations. The CB-series offers the option to select between terminated or non-terminated ports and the standard operating frequency of DC-18 GHz can be extended to DC-26.5 GHz for most configurations. The crossbar matrix can be controlled manually via a Touch Screen GUI interface and remotely via RS-232 and USB ports, with the option between Ethernet with built-in website or GPIB interface.

Download the CB-SERIES data sheet.