News | January 19, 2018

Carnegie Technologies Announces Partnership With Texas 5G Alliance

Helping to Promote Smart City Infrastructure as Founding Member

Austin, TX (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Carnegie Technologies, the industry’s leading wireless connectivity solutions provider, announced today that it has joined the Texas 5G Alliance as a founding member, helping the new organization to advocate for the next generation of high-speed wireless technologies required to meet the demands of smart cities throughout Texas.

Carnegie joins the Texas 5G Alliance along with other distinguished founding members, including Crown Castle, Dell, T-Mobile, Google Fiber, Ericsson, Bypass Mobile, SmartAustin, VERTICOM, Tech Titans and the Austin Chamber of Commerce.  Together, the group will work to showcase Texas as a global leader in Smart City Initiatives that include smart vehicles, smart homes, traffic flow solutions, public safety and first responder networks, robotic delivers and much more.

Carnegie Technologies develops the Network Convergence Platform (NCP), which is the industry’s most advanced solution for intelligently selecting, connecting and reporting on wireless mobile networks.  As mobile users move about their days, whether it be driving, walking in and out of downtown buildings, coming and going from their homes, Carnegie’s advanced technology allows mobile devices to intelligently select and optimally combine Wi-Fi and cellular networks to ensure users have consistent connectivity and enjoy their mobile experience.  Until now, the integration of Wi-Fi and cellular networks has been a complex problem, as devices favor a Wi-Fi connection even when it may not be optimal for the application.  But as 5G networks begin their rollout in Texas and beyond, bringing with them their blazing speeds that will exceed those of typical Wi-Fi, Carnegie’s NCP can be a game changer, making those network selections and transitions smooth and transparent while providing real-time operational insight and analytics for business intelligence.

“We are pleased to be a founding member of the Texas 5G Alliance, as we have always been committed to consumer education, advocacy and the advancement of technologies that fundamentally improve our lives and the way we communicate,” said Paul Posner, CEO of Carnegie Technologies.  “We are excited to work with the Alliance and its members to help showcase Texas and its companies as leaders in 5G technology.” 

About Carnegie Technologies
Carnegie Technologies was founded in 2010 to develop mobility products and services that connect people, things and networks throughout the world.  The Company delivers ground- breaking connectivity and convergence solutions for mobile operators, satellite communications, Internet of Things, and connected vehicles that fundamentally transform the way we think about communications, public and personal safety and economic efficiencies. The Company has offices and product development on four continents, including in its Austin, Texas headquarters; Kitchener, Ontario; Belgrade, Serbia; Sydney, Australia and now the United Kingdom. More information can be found at

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