Cable Assemblies: Lab-Flex AF Series

Source: Florida RF Labs/EMC Technology

Florida RD offers the AF Series of Lab-Flex cable assemblies designed for superior electrical performance in harsh conditions found in commercial and military aircraft, shipboard, and ground applications. These proprietary cable designs use a redundant sealing system to ensure moisture resistance to both cable and connector interfaces, and have been fully qualified to meet or exceed all the requirements of MIL-T-81490 in operations up to 18 GHz.

The Lab-Flex AF Series features hermetically sealed cables and connector interfaces, superior phase stability over flexure and temperature, and availability in three cable diameters. The series also employs very durable dielectric designs able to withstand crushing or kinking. The electrically optimized, triple-shielded cable is protected by a Nomex® jacket, which provides abrasion resistance during installation and general use of the assembly.

For more specifications, graphs, and testing information on the Lab-Flex AF Series, download the datasheet.