C Band, Liquid Cooled Hot Swappable SSPA: SKU 2225

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.

Empower RF Systems offers the SKU 2225 long duty cycle pulsed amplifier operating from 5.2 to 5.9 GHz for EW, radar, directed energy and satcom applications where tens and hundreds of kilowatts of CW and Pulse power are required. With new modern architecture, this SSPA offers scalability for affordable upgrade paths to future power needs by adding hardware to an existing system.

The SKU 2225 amplifier system layout consists of a system controller in a 3U and up to 16 hot swappable 2U amplifier drawers with each amplifier drawer containing an integrated power supply in its 2U chassis. This arrangement eliminates the risk of an RF section or single power supply failure taking the entire amplifier offline. In the event of a failure only a fractional reduction of output power is realized, and the amplifier system remains on air.

For additional features and specifications on the SKU 2225 SSPA, download the datasheet.