C-Band GaN 4.0 kW Pulsed Solid-State Transmitter: VSC3700

C-Band GaN 4.0 kW Pulsed Solid-State Transmitter: VSC3700

CPI Beverly Microwave Division offers the VSC3700 pulsed solid-state transmitter for maritime, defense, and high-resolution weather radars. This reliable and efficient transmitter can be combined to create high-power C-band radar transmitters up to 50 kW.

The VSC3700 is designed for use in the 5.4 – 5.9 GHz frequency range. It also offers benefits such as high gain, excellent pulse fidelity, outstanding spectral performance, and ease of maintenance.

Additional features include:

  • Four combined 1.1 kW pulsed modules
  • High efficiency GaN transistors
  • BIT & controls via EIA-422 remote connection
  • Blind mate DC and control connectors
  • Controllable output power reduction

For more features and specifications, download the datasheet.

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