6-14 GHz Broadband MMIC Driver Amplifier: CMD158P3

Source: Custom MMIC

Custom MMIC’s CMD158P3 is a broadband MMIC driver amplifier covering the 6-14 GHz frequency range. It features high output power, low current consumption, a single supply voltage of +5.0 V @ 95 mA, and a Pb-free RoHs compliant QFN package.

This broadband MMIC driver amplifier is ideal for military/electronic warfare, point-to-point-radios, point-to-multi-point radios, VSAT, LO driver amplifier applications, or other applications that require a driver amplifier with low power consumption and a small size. Its 50 ohm matched design eliminates the need for external DC blocks and RF port matching. With 19.5 dB gain and +20.5 dBm saturated output power at 20% PAE from a single 5V supply, the CMD158P3 Broadband MMIC Driver Amplifier is an ideal alternative to expensive hybrid amplifiers.