400 – 6000 MHz Broadband Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY67183-396LF


The SKY67183-396LF is an ultra-broadband low-noise amplifier designed for FDD and TDD 4G LTE and 5G NR systems. With features such as superior gain flatness, exceptional linearity, and an internal active bias circuitry, this LNA offers the ability to externally adjust supply current and provide stable performance over temperature and process variation.

The SKY67183-396LF operates from 400 to 6000 MHz and is ideal for applications such as active antenna array and massive MIMO, receive LNA for micro-cell, macro-cell, and small-cell base stations, and land mobile radios and military communications. This broadband amplifier is a Skyworks Green™ product compliant with all applicable legislation and is halogen free.

SKY67183-396LF Features Include:

  • Excellent broadband flat gain performance
  • Minimal BOM count
  • Low current IDD 56 mA @ 5 V
  • Fast rise/fall time ENABLE function suitable for TDD application

For more product information like performance characteristics, and electrical and mechanical specifications, download the datasheet or visit the webpage.

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