Datasheet | December 3, 2009

Datasheet: Broadband Fully Integrated Matched Low-Noise Amplifier MMIC: MGA-21108

Source: Avago Technologies

The Avago MGA-21108 is a fully integrated GaAs Low Noise Amplifier, LNA, MMIC for use in the 1.5GHz to 8GHz band. Broadband performance is achieved with only one external input matching component. Power supply chokes and coupling capacitors are also integrated.


  • Broadband gain with 1.4V-3.3V single-supply
  • High gain : (18.7-10.7) dB at (1.5 - 8) GHz
  • Low-noise : (1.5 – 2.8) dB at (1.5 -8) GHz
  • Low power operation at 18mA nominal current
  • Internally matched to 50 Ohm at RF output
  • CMOS-compatible variable bias control and shutdown pin