Broadband Diplexer for CATV Applications: MAFL-011013

Source: MACOM

Broadband Diplexer for CATV Applications: MAFL-011013

This broadband diplexer operates in the 5-42/54-1000 MHz frequency range and features outstanding temperature stability and repeatability. It has a 0.5dB insertion loss, 50dB isolation, and 16dB return loss.

The MAFL-011013 Broadband Diplexer comes in a compact 27x13mm package and is ideal for CPE applications and CATV applications. Its 42/54MHz split makes it particularly suited for North American cable as a cost effective filtering solution for CPE applications, though its size makes it ideal for any application with space restrictions.


  • 75 Ohm
  • SMT unit
  • RoHS compliant
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Excellent repeatability

Download the datasheet for a detailed list of specifications.