Boost Received Signals And Maintain Noise Figure: 700 MHz to 2700 MHz LNA

700 MHz to 2700 MHz LNA

This low noise amplifier provides multiple broadband channels of high signal gain and linearity with low added noise levels, boosting received signals and maintaining system noise figure. The package itself contains three separate LNAs, and any of the three amplifiers can be independently bypassed via signal control.

This LNA covers the 700MHz to 2700MHz range, making it ideal for applications involving wireless infrastructure, RF microwave & VSAT, public safety radio, and in laboratory settings. Other notable specifications include:

  • High Gain- 18dB
  • High Output IP3- +33dBm Typical
  • Noise Figure- 1.4dB

In addition to the unique set up of 3 independently controlled LNAs, this module offers a wide operating input voltage of +7 to +28VDC. Download the datasheet for more information.

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