Boonton 55 Series Wideband USB Power Sensor


Boonton once again sets the standard for fast RF power measurements with the introduction of its 55 Series Wideband USB power sensors. Built with Boonton's Real-Time Power Processing™ technology (patent pending), this new product line offers speed and accuracy never before seen in a USB form factor. The 55 Series sensors are ideal for manufacturing, design, research, and service in commercial and military applications such as telecommunications, avionics, RADAR, and medical systems. They are the instrument of choice for fast, accurate and highly reliable RF power measurements, equally suitable for product development, compliance testing, and site monitoring applications.

Quick Features

  • Ultra-fast rise time: 5ns*
  • Time resolution: 100 ps
  • Continuous Sample rate: 100 Msamples / sec
  • Effective Sample Rate: 10 Gsamples / sec
  • Class leading Video Bandwidth: 70 MHz*
  • Statistical Measurements 100 Mpoints / sec
  • Trace acquisition speed: 40 k sweeps / sec
  • Real-Time Power Processing™: No latency due to buffer processing by host PC
  • Internal RF or External TTL trigger, Master/Slave in/out connector
  • Synchronized multi-channel measurements
  • Removable, locking USB cable

*55006 - Video bandwidth tested by measuring peak-to-average on a twotone separation signal at +10dbm, frequency set at 1 GHz. Test limit set at 2dB roll off from the nominal 3dB peak-to-average flatness graph.