News | July 20, 2009

Bluetooth Low Energy: OEM Hopes And Promises

Wellingborough, UK -- The specification is nearly upon us, the IC vendors are committed, but where are all the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)?

IMS Research anticipates many new partnerships and collaborations between IC vendors and OEMs; and, more interestingly, between makers of dual-mode Bluetooth low energy-enabled products and makers of single-mode ones. However, there is current concern over the progress in developing single-mode devices.

It is still too early to see the proof, but many believe that single-mode devices will need a year lifespan, for there to be real value in the low-energy standard. Today, the market is waiting for evidence that there will be several single-mode devices available with this guaranteed. In the meantime, makers of dual-mode Bluetooth low energy-enabled products are anxiously monitoring the ecosystem around low energy before committing to incorporate a high volume of dual-mode ICs.

According to Fiona Thomson, Research Director of IMS Research's Connectivity group, "What is clear is that this is a new standard and that it is potentially very valuable. With dual-mode device shipments alone, the market will reach millions of units in 2011." Beyond this, the standard is creating a new market ecosystem which includes new manufacturers, many of whom have not produced wireless products before. This will take time; however, with the support of the Bluetooth SIG, IMS Research is confident that these new companies will successfully get products to market round the world.

SOURCE: IMS Research