News | April 10, 2008

Bird Technologies Launches High-Power Antenna And Cable Monitor

Source: Bird
Bird Technologies Launches High-Power Antenna And Cable Monitor

Solon, OH - Bird Technologies recently launched a new addition to its antenna and cable monitor product line — the ACM500. Rated for 500 watts, this high-power device is ideal for monitoring antenna and cable faults within communication systems that often go undetected by transmitter-internal VSWR monitors.

Creation of the ACM500 stemmed directly from Bird’s Design-to-Order (DTO) process, a unique service where customers can submit their specific needs and receive quotes for the design of a product-specific solution. “We received a number of requests for a high-powered ACM, many of which came from major cellular providers, and we determined that a vital industry need was not being addressed,” said William Bates, Product Manager. “The DTO process provides an open channel of communication with our customers, and allows us to continue being a first responder to the industry’s changing needs.”

The ACM500 serves the role of power monitoring on combined systems with power levels up to 500 watts. Like the standard ACM units, the ACM500’s stand-alone capability and alarm outputs make it ideal for constant monitoring of power and VSWR at all critical points in the transmission system. By utilizing a true average power measurement, the ACM series will work in any system, regardless of modulation or number of carriers.