Bird Diagnostic System (BDS)

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Bird Diagnostic System (BDS)

The Bird Diagnostic System (BDS) is a tool designed for measuring voltages and currents in complex RF applications such as processing silicon wafers, chamber-to-chamber matching, and waveform reconstruction. The system comprises a sensor that attaches in-situ in the RF feed line, a receiver designed to perform data conversion, and a calibrated data cable that connects the sensor and receiver.

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With a streamlined architecture, the BDS is able to measure and report voltage, current, and phase angles at multiple fundamental, harmonic, and intermodulation frequencies (up to 5 frequencies simultaneously). The BDS uses this data to calculate the power and impedance at each frequency, identify the small discrepancies within a process, and offer high repeatability for precision processes.

For more features, specifications, and operating parameters on the BDS, download the datasheet.