Bidirectional V- And U-Band Amplifier: NuPower Xtender™ VU4GX02

Bidirectional V- And U-Band Amplifier: NuPower Xtender™ VU4GX02

The NuPower Xtender™ VU4GX02 from NuWaves is a small, broadband, high-performance RF embedded OEM amplifier designed specifically for extending the communication range of half-duplex transceivers with constant-envelope waveforms. It is able to generate 4 Watts of linear RF power across the V- and U-band frequencies from 225 to 512 MHz, as well as 10 Watts of RF transmit power.

The NuPower Xtender delivers a low noise figure of 2.5 dB, and includes a low noise amplifier providing up to 15 dB of gain. The OEM amplifier features a manual transmit/receive (T/R) model selection, coupled with an extremely fast T/R mode switch time of 2 μS. This module accepts a +5 dBm input level and provides a minimum of 37 dB of transmit gain, all while operating with 30% or better power efficiency at most frequencies. Ideal applications include broadband RF telemetry and communication systems requiring minimal size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP).

For more information on the NuPower Xtender™ VU4GX02, download the available datasheet.

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