Newsletter | December 2, 2023

12.02.23 -- Best Of November: EM Simulation Software, Digital Isolators, And More


11 Things You May Not Know About EM Simulation Software

Electromagnetic simulation is an advanced method to assess and analyze the performance of electromechanical devices and systems. Electromagnetic simulation software plays a key role in the process by modeling and analyzing the behavior of electromagnetic fields and wave propagation in various physical structures and devices.


True Time Delay: What It Is And How It Works

Article | Qorvo

Discover how phased array antennas adapt with wider bandwidths, true time delay, and AESA advancements, optimizing beam steering and improving signal quality.

Supercharging A VNA With An RF Switch Matrix

Application Note | JFW Industries, Inc.

Learn how switch matrices can be used to extend the port count of VNAs to meet the testing demands of the latest wireless standards and sensing technologies.

What Is A Digital Isolator? Digital Isolation Techniques And Uses

Q&A | Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Digital isolators make it possible for circuits to talk without blowing each other up. In this Q&A, Rudye McGlothlin provides insight into these devices and balancing safety with performance.


AMETEK Acquires Amplifier Research Corp

Comtech Receives $20.0M Order From Spectra Group

Empower RF Systems Launches The Innovative C-Band GaN Pulsed Amplifier For Radar

AE Systems To Develop Custom Microelectronics For Next-Generation Radar, EW

Akoustis Receives Purchase Order For 3 BAW Filter Designs From 5G Mobile


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