News | July 16, 2014

BeRex Adds New Family Of High Performance MESFET Chips

BeRex, Inc. announces the immediate availability of a new family of low phase noise, high linearity MESFET transistors to complement its popular line of pHEMT transistors.

BeRex, Inc. has begun shipping a new family of GaAs MESFET (metal– semiconductor field effect transistor) chips, the BCF-series, which addresses the need for low phase noise with high gain and power in applications such as single and multi-stage amplifiers, oscillators, synthesizers, etc. ranging in frequency from DC to 26.5GHz.

The BeRex BCF-series of MESFET chips are ideally suited both broad band and narrow band applications from DC to 26.5 GHz. Typical application requires a high level of OIP3 (Output Third-Order Intercept Point) linearity and a low phase noise that cannot be easily achieved with other technologies.

This BCF-series family consists of seven devices, each is built utilizing a 0.25 um gate length and with a gate width of 200 um, 300 um, 400 um, 600 um, 800 um, 1200 um or 2400 um, depending on the clients gain and power requirements (up to 1 Watt for the largest 2400um device).

The BCF-series of MESFET chips are produced in the United States using state of the art metallization and utilize SI3N4 passivation to assure the highest possible reliability.

“These parts along with our existing pHEMT family of packaged and bare-die FET products go a long ways towards fulfilling the commitment to our clients of becoming their one-stop source for their RF and microwave FET needs”, said Dr. Alex Yoo, Vice President of Research and Development at BeRex.

The BeRex BCF-series chips are competitively priced and are now available in sample and production volumes. Additional information about these and other BeRex products is available on the company website.

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BeRex, Inc., founded in 2008 is headquarter in San Jose, CA. where it designs, manufactures, and sells a broad range of RF and microwave GaAs MESFET and pHEMT and HBT devices worldwide. For more information, visit

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