BDS Calibration Carts

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BDS Calibration Carts

The new BDS Calibration Cart is designed to accurately measure RF power over a wide range of frequencies. The Cal Cart utilizes the Bird Diagnostic System (BDS) alongside a laptop running customized software, and a low reflection 50 Ω terminating RF load that can dissipate up to 10 kW.

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Components are installed on a cart for ease of transport, and connected in such a way that the AC and RF power are the only connections required. The BDS Calibration Cart is ideal for semiconductor test applications where a variety of generators must be calibrated at various frequencies, and is equipped with swivel casters for maximum maneuverability in a clean room environment.

BDS Calibration Cart Features Include:

  • High return loss for ensuring minimal power measurement error
  • Easy transportation and effortless use
  • Service plans available with Bird Service Center
  • Available in international and domestic versions

For more features and parameter specifications, download the datasheet.