News | August 28, 2014

AWT Global Introduces New Multi-Band PIM Analyzers With S-Parameter Capability


AWT Global has launched a new product line of Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzers for manufacturing, R&D and QA: PEM42A Series.

These new PIM analyzers can handle up to 4 frequency bands in the range of 385MHz to 2600 MHz. Furthermore, it performs S-Parameter measurements without the need to reconnect cables to the device under test (DUT). PEM42A systems consist of a control and switching unit, up to 4 frequency modules and an integrated Agilent 5072A ENA. The ENA serves as precision measurement receiver and for S-Parameter measurements. The control and switch unit now automatically takes care of connecting the right frequency to the DUT.

“With our new PEM42A analyzers we fulfill the need of our customers who wanted to test their products at different frequencies. PEM42A performs S-Parameter- , and PIM measurements for 4 different bands in one measurement run, a feature that provides significant time savings in production of low PIM cables, components and antennas”, said Wolfgang Damm, President of AWT Global.

PEM42A feature adjustable RF signal power that ranges from 20dBm to 44dBm (higher power levels are available on request). With a noise floor of <-135dBm, PEM42A performs both, reverse and forward PIM measurements very accurately. Reverse PIM of less than -165dBc and forward PIM of less than -163dBc are achieved. The new system delivers Tx signals with 2ppm frequency stability and +/-0.65dB amplitude accuracy and the overall measurement accuracy is +/-1.0 dB.

The system comes with large 10.2” touch screen display, and offers 6x USB, 1xLAN, 1x GPIB interface ports. Furthermore it is possible to connect a separate display monitor to the system.

AWT Global’s PEM42A analyzers are available for sales immediately.

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