Auto Quad Tower-Top Amplifier (TTA) System: 434B Mission Critical Series

Source: Bird

Auto Quad Tower-Top Amplifier (TTA) System: 434B Mission Critical Series

Bird offers the 434B-Mission Critical Series of AutoQuad™ Tower-Top Amplifier (TTA) systems made up of high performance, quadrature-coupled low noise amplifiers (LNAs). They are designed for increasing receive sensitivity, improving receiver noise figure, and assisting in mission critical communication and public safety applications.   

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The TTA in the 434B-Mission Critical Series operates independently as it monitors the LNA current and automatically switches to a redundant LNA if needed. It is composed of the tower top amplifier and the receiver multi-coupler. Status reporting is accomplished via AISG compliant telemetry between the controlling processor in the tower box and the base control unit. The base control unit has an on board AISG modem which does not require the use of an external data cable.

For additional features, specifications, and specific model information, download the available datasheet.

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