Auriga Appoints Dr. Yusuke Tajima As Chief Technology Officer

Lowell, MA -- Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC today announced it has appointed Dr. Yusuke Tajima as CTO. Dr. Tajima will steer Auriga's technical direction as it focuses on enhancing its position as an international leader in modeling and measurement of RF, microwave and millimeter-wave technologies and the design of sophisticated amplifier-based solutions requiring high power, high efficiency, high frequency and high linearization. Dr. Tajima, a founder of the Company, spent the past four years as Director of Modeling & Design.

"From Auriga's beginning, Yusuke saw where he wanted to take his division and he's made that happen," said Michael Menzer, Chairman of the Board of Auriga. Menzer continued, "Yusuke wanted to build a world-class modeling and measurement team and leverage their reputation into design and follow-on commercialization business – that's exactly what he's done. He has the vision and know-how to keep Auriga at the forefront in technology as the Company's CTO."

"Yusuke's ability to see future technology requirements has Auriga well positioned to take advantage of a substantial growth opportunity in the development of GaN and GaAs-based, high-power amplifier-based solutions," stated Bruce Cohen, president and CEO of Auriga. "A CTO guides a Company's efforts and leverages the Company's technological strengths in the marketplace and now Auriga is positioned to accompany GaN's path from bleeding edge to leading edge in the power amplifier space. Yusuke has orchestrated key government design wins for Auriga both domestically and internationally," concluded Cohen.

Dr. Tajima began his career at Toshiba Central Lab in Japan then joined Raytheon Research in Massachusetts. While at Raytheon, Dr. Tajima's projects included: development of the first-of-a-kind 1st-order harmonic balance program for simulating RF large signal characteristics on GaAs FETs; leadership of the engineering groups that created the test systems for measuring instantaneous IV curves (pulsed IV) and RF components for various military and commercial MMIC programs; creation of two industry models for high-powered FETs, which are named after him;. Dr. Tajima has B.S. and PhD. degrees from Tokyo University in Electronics Engineering in 1970 and 1980, respectively.

SOURCE: Auriga Measurement Systems