80 MHz - 6 GHz, 5000 Watt Input Log-Periodic Antenna: ATR80M6G

Source: AR

The ATR80M6G is a wide band, high gain, log periodic antenna that is uniquely suited for use in both traditional applications as well as in new compact chambers. The proprietary design utilizing a “bent element” approach provides a size reduction of approximately 60% without sacrificing key electrical performance such as gain and beamwidth and minimizes field loss resulting from “room loading”.

The ATR80M6G features exceptionally broad frequency range addresses existing RF susceptibility requirements as well as anticipated future developments and is matched to work directly with AR “W” and “S” Series RF power amplifiers. The robust design can accommodate the high-power levels necessary to generate significant E-fields. The ATR80M6G can also be calibrated for RF emissions testing. This antenna is built tough enough for outdoor use.

For additional features and specifications on the ATR80M6G, download the datasheet.

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