Datasheet | July 21, 2009

Datasheet: ATL150M1G - 150 to 1000 MHz, 2000 Watts Input Power Log-Periodic Antenna

Source: AR
The Model ATL150M1G is a wide band, high-gain, log periodic antenna with gain capabilities of 7.5 dB over isotropic (average) and gain flatness of ± 1 dB. The Model ATL150M1G supplies the constant, high-intensity fields necessary for RFI/EMI field testing within and beyond the confines of a shielded room. It can also be used as a receiving antenna for RF emissions testing. The Model ATL150M1G is compact and lightweight for ready mobility, yet is built tough for the extra demands of outdoor use and easily mounts on a flat surface or tripod. The Model ATL150M1G series allows polarization change without removing the antenna from the tripod.