News | July 2, 2014

Arrow RF & Power Introduces New Peregrine UltraCMOS Integer-N PLL Frequency Synthesizer For Low Phase Noise Applications

Arrow RF

Capable of frequency synthesis up to 5 GHz

Arrow RF & Power, officially doing business as Richardson RFPD, announced recently the availability and full design support capabilities for a new high performance Integer-N phase-locked loop (PLL) from Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation.

The PE33241 is capable of frequency synthesis up to 5 GHz and offers a low phase noise figure of merit. This improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the LO output, improving performance of the frequency conversion stages. It is designed for use in a range of industrial and military low phase noise applications, including point-to-point radios, wireless infrastructure, and CATV equipment.

The PE33241 offers superior phase noise performance with a direct or serial programming option. It features a selectable prescaler modulus of 5/6 or 10/11, counters, and a phase comparator. Counter values are programmable through a serial interface, or they can be directly hard-wired.

The new PLL is available in a 48-lead, 7 mm x 7 mm QFN and is manufactured on Peregrine’s UltraCMOS process, a patented variation of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology on a sapphire substrate, offering excellent RF performance.

According to Peregrine, additional key features of the PE33241 include:

  • Frequency range
    • 5 GHz in 10/11 prescaler modulus
    • 4 GHz in 5/6 prescaler modulus
  • Phase noise floor figure of merit: -230 dBc/Hz
  • Low power: 75 mA typical @ 2.8V
  • Internal phase detector

To find more information, or to purchase this product today online, please visit the PE33241 Web page. Find local sales engineers (worldwide) at Local Sales Support. To learn more about additional products from Peregrine, please visit the Peregrine storefront Web page.

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SOURCE: Arrow RF & Power