AR Predefined Chambers

Source: AR

AR, in partnership with Comtest Engineering, has established a number of predefined chamber designs that can easily be used when requesting a ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) price. The fourteen chambers below represent the offerings that are readily available for our customer’s reference and early planning.

Not all chambers offer the same performance or quality. All reverberation, fully and semi-anechoic chambers provided by AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation through Comtest Engineering BV offer customers the highest level of performance, quality and support, featuring the unique Pan Shield design.

Model Description
ARCP-0021 RF Shielded Room
ARCP-0022 Radiated Immunity Chamber – 3m Test Distance
ARCP-0023 3M chamber w/ Ø1.5m test volume
ARCP-0024 Semi-Anechoic 5m Chamber with a Ø2m test volume
ARCP-0025 Semi Anechoic 10m Chamber w/ 3m Qz
ARCP-0026 Semi Anechoic 10m Chamber w/ 4m Qz
ARCP-0027 Semi Anechoic 10m Chamber w/ 5m Qz
ARCP-0028 Vehicle Component Test Chamber
ARCP-0029 Military Component Test Chamber (hybrid)
ARCP-0030 Military Component Test Chamber (non-hybrid)
ARCP-0031 Reverb Chamber LUF200
ARCP-0032 Reverb Chamber LUF400
ARCP-0033 Reverb Chamber LU1000
ARCP-0034 Fully Anechoic 3m Chamber


For more information on these products, download the available brochure.