AR Announces 2.45 GHz Solid-State LDMOS Amplifier For ISM Applications

Source: AR
Bothell, WA -- AR Modular RF has introduced Model KMS2250, a 2.45 GHz, 200 watt, solid-state LDMOS power amplifier module. Designed for a medical ablation system, model KMS2250 has various industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications.

The 53dBm linear power amplifier has built-in output power control adjustable externally from 10 to 200 watts. (A 100-watt unit is also available.) It incorporates built-in gating/RF blanking and an RF monitoring port.

The amplifier is protected from thermal overload, over-power, over-voltage and wrong voltage polarity, as well as having an internal isolator with excellent VSWR.

AR Modular RF will be exhibiting the KMS2250, in addition to its other products, at booth number 518 during the European Microwave Exhibition, October 8 - 12, 2007, in Munich, Germany.