APECS High Precision Thick Film Substrates

Source: Anaren Microwave, Inc.
APECS means tighter tolerances & lower costs – Using the DuPont Fodel® process as a base technology, Anaren Ceramics' precision thick film technology (better known as APECS) pushes thick film technology to a best-in-class position from which we can meet or exceed thin film tolerances -- at a far more affordable price point.

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Product Overview: APECS High Precision Thick Film Substrates

APECS means flexibility through integration -- The APECS process can be combined with standard thick film technology to create a highly integrated, more cost-effective solution and improve overall substrate yield: Just use APECS precision lines and spacing in those distinct locations of your design where precision is needed most -- leaving other, less precise areas on your substrate to be rendered using traditional thick film techniques.

Want to integrate components? That's easy, too, because APECS substrates allow you to embed precision resistors, Lange couplers, and capacitors into the substrate itself – rather applying discrete components using more labor-intensive, less-consistent traditional component-mounting approach.

APECS means new opportunities for RF/microwave applications – The APECS process lends itself to the higher-frequency, higher-power trends seen throughout today's the RF & microwave industry: As frequencies increase, so does the importance of line-width and spacing tolerances…and so does the applicability of APECS.

Anaren Ceramics is proud to offer state-of-the-art APECS technology to meet your precision ceramic substrate requirements without the expense of thin film. And we'll continue to push technology limits by:

  • Leveraging our decades of experience with the proven yet still opportunity-rich thick-film ceramics arena
  • Keeping pace with technology trends and opportunities by investing in the latest precision thick film manufacturing and processing infrastructure
  • Offering you expertise and capabilities beyond thick film (including LTCC and components like high frequency resistors, power terminations, among others)
  • Supporting you with valuable intangibles like robust engineering support and superior customer service.

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Product Overview: APECS High Precision Thick Film Substrates