Antenna Design and Integration into Mobile Devices

Source: Altair Engineering Inc
Smart Antenna Design, Device Integration And Shielding Effectiveness

FEKO, Altair’s comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software suite, can be used in electronic virtual prototyping and simulation driven designs, including antenna design for many products such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and TVs. The software can eliminate weak antenna designs and reduce the number of prototypes with its proof of concept and comparative studies. Pre-compliance of over-the-air (OTA) radiation performance and specific absorption rate (SAR) can be estimated for the standalone device, or for different usage environments.

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FEKO For Electronics Brochure

FEKO’s Characteristic Mode Analysis Capability Is Used To Improve An Ultra-Wideband Antenna
The starting point for many Ultra-Wideband Antenna designs is a transverse electromagnetic (TEM) horn. This TEM horn is fundamentally a horn antenna without sidewalls, so it is able to support TEM mode and has no low-frequency cut-off.

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CMA For Ultra-Wideband Antenna Design

Designing An Impedance Matched Antenna
Many designers find Optenni Lab useful in creating antenna designs that conform to any impedance requirement. Once the basic antenna design is decided, Optenni Lab enables fast, automatic matching circuit design, and can estimate the obtainable bandwidth of the antenna at various frequencies.

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Designing An Impedance Matched Antenna: FEKO And Optenni Lab