News | December 22, 2017

Anaren Proprietary AIR (Anaren Integrated Radio) Modules Conform To ETSI Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU

East Syracuse, NY (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anaren Inc., announces that its proprietary sub-1GHz Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module family is pre-certified to the latest standard of EU ETSI RED 2014/53/EU. This family includes the A110LR09A and the A110LR09C. These modules leverage silicon and software development tools from trusted vendors for easy implementation and completion of connectivity projects.

“We are pleased to announce that Anaren has completed the RED certification for all of its Sub-1 GHz modules sold in Europe and that our customers can obtain the required Declaration of Conformity and test results needed to update their product labels,” stated Mark Burdick, president of Anaren’s Wireless group. Mr. Burdick also stated that Anaren completed the testing with minimal impact to its customers.

The new ETSI Radio Equipment Directive (RED) became effective as of June 13, 2016, with a transitional period of one year where manufacturers were able to place radio equipment compliant with the new RED directive or the old applicable legislation. This transitional period ended on June 12, 2017. Going forward, all manufacturers are required to test wireless systems to ensure they meet the ETSI harmonized standards for radio broadcast receivers sold into EU.



A110LR09x Frequency Range:

  • 902-928 MHz (North America)
  • 868-870 MHz (Europe) 

Minimal RF engineering experience necessary

FCC, IC, ETSI RED, and ROHS compliant

No additional “Intentional Radiator” certification required

Digital RSSI output

 Minimal real estate required

Low current consumption and low sleep mode current consumption

 Easily implemented on a two-layer PCB

A110LR09x High sensitivity (1.2kBaud, 1% packet error rate)

  • -110 dBm at 915 MHz (compliant to FCC/IC)
  • -115 dBm at 869 MHz (compliant to ETSI)

Support for asynchronous and synchronous serial receive/transmit mode for backward compatibility 
with existing radio

LGA footprint

 Common footprint for other products in family

Packaging available in tape, reel and matrix tray

 100% RF tested in production

You can learn more about the new directive and Anaren AIR modules at


Anaren, Inc. celebrates its 50th year as a leader in design, manufacturing and sales of custom high frequency solutions and standard components for the wireless communications, space and defense electronics, and wireless consumer electronics. Additional information is available on the company’s website:


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