Amplifier Platform: AR-5000 Series


AR Modular RF has designed a series of wideband, class A/AB linear amplifier platforms for use with modern digital modulations. This AR-5000 amplifier has a flexible system architecture, which allows for rapid prototyping and quick-turn modifications as customer needs arise.

The AR-5000 platform offers rapid customizations supporting individual customer needs from 80 kHz to 1000 MHz with power ranges up to 1000 Watts CW and 4000 Watts peak.

Other AR-5000 Series features include:

  • Lightweight 19”, 2U/3U Chassis
  • Rack Mount Enclosure
  • AC Powered, Single Phase
  • Ethernet Remote Control
  • Automatic Level Control (ALC)
  • Input Overdrive Protection
  • Output VSWR Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Unconditionally Stable
  • Forward & Reflected Power Monitoring
  • Blanking

Download the available datasheet for more information on the AR-5000 family of products.