Datasheet | January 21, 2009

AM/FM Tuner (TDA7511)

Source: Digi-Key Corporation

The TDA 7511 is a high performance tuner circuit for AM/FM car radio. It contains mixers, IF amplifiers, demodulators for AM and FM, quality detection, ISS filter and PLL synthesizer with IF counter on a single chip.

Use of BICMOS technology allows the implementation of several tuning functions and a minimum of external components.


  • High Performance Fast Pll For RDSsystem
  • If Counter For Fm And Am Upconversion With Search Stop Signal
  • Quality Detector For Level, Deviation, Adjacent Channel And Multipath
  • Quality Detection Informations As Analog Signals External Available
  • ISS (Intelligent Selectivity System) For Cancellation Of Adjacent Channel And Noise Influences
  • Adjacent Channel Mute
  • Fully Electronic Alignment
  • All Functions I2C-Bus Controlled
  • ISS Filter Status Information I2C-Bus Readable